Mayor's Statement

Mayor Lavon Hayes

Welcome to the city of BlueBell’s website. Thanks for visiting! By: Mayor Lavon Hayes

BlueBell was founded many years ago by Cyrus Lavinius Jeremiah Jones and is located in the beautiful state of Alabama. We here pride ourselves on being a close-knit community dedicated to providing our residents with the absolute finest in Southern living. From the Founder’s Day parade to the annual gumbo cook off, BlueBell is the quintessential small town with a heart of gold.

As a former NFL player, Lavon Hayes knows what it’s like to play hard and win. That’s what makes him BlueBell’s highly effective and reliable mayor. Lavon Hayes takes his job seriously and loves it. He’s proud to call BlueBell home as well as all the people that live here his neighbors.

Please take a look around the site and see what our wonderful city has to offer. Lavon Hayes assures you, you won’t be disappointed.

Lavon Hayes

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Rose's BlueBell Beat

Couple Canoodling Alert! By: Rose Hattenbarger




The Charity Picnic Auction came and went but don’t fret! I am here to tell you which couples are in it for the long haul.

First up, Lemon and Lavon Hayes. I don’t think the town of BlueBell has ever seen a stranger combination. In fact, L&L might just be the strangest couple in the whole world. Lemon hates sports. And Lavon hates uppity-ness. Sorry folks, this relationship is going nowhere. Dead in the water. Over before it even began. They have no chemistry. Trust me, I know these things.

Brick and Shelby.  Oooh, a little May-December romance. Hmmmm, sounds interesting. While Brick can be serious and straight-forward, Shelby’s charms could sweep Brick off his feet. If he’s into 24-hour, non-stop Internet shopping. Not. Sorry, this couple is never gonna happen.

George and Tansy. George has been trying to sow his wild oats for the last few months. But I think he’s ready for something real and I can see this going somewhere. George needs to loosen up and Tansy is the girl for the job. I give this relationship two thumbs up.

Wade and Zoe. (In lieu of Magnolia.) No one loves Star Crossed Lovers more than me. Wade runs a bar. Zoe saves lives. Wade likes trucks and beer. Zoe loves her Louboutins and pinot noir. Hmmm, maybe these two are the world’s strangest couple? But unlike L&L, these two have a spark between them. That certain something Taylor Swift is always singing about. Of course, Taylor’s never been in a relationship longer than an episode of New Girl. So this is anyone’s call, folks. What do you think?

Tom Long and Wanda. Is there a sweeter couple in the world? These two make me sing gushy love songs in my head. Sing it, Taylor.

Mayor's Statement

Crickett’s Holiday Tips By: Crickett




Hi everyone, Crickett here. The holiday season is approaching. This is the time of year when we gather together with family and friends to share our love and our recipes. There’s nothing I love more about the holidays than to eat delicious food, but I’m not always the best chef (I mean, I’m no Annabeth or Lemon, that’s for sure!). This year, the Belles compiled a list of easy recipes for Planksgiving. Something to help those of us without the cooking gene still impress our guests.

My favorite recipe is for spiced cider. This is the perfect fall drink with the right amount of kick to it. All you do is take plain apple cider, add cloves, cinnamon sticks, lemon zest and heat over the stove. The whole house will smell like the holidays, and there’s nothing better than a hot drink on a cold fall day. It’s a guaranteed crowd pleaser, and if you’re feeling indulgent, add a splash of dark rum to the mix! – you’ll be feeling festive in no time!

For the slightly more advanced cook, try a greenbean casserole. No holiday dinner is complete without a casserole dish. This just requires condensed mushroom soup (straight out of the can is fine!), fried onion, a splash of milk, and a whole lot of green beans. My advanced tip is to steer clear of canned greanbeans and go with the fresh kind. It may take a bit more effort (I mean, it takes work to boil and chop those things, I know!), but it will make all the difference in the taste. Just mix it all together in your casserole dish and let it bake for 30 minutes. I promise, your guests will LOVE it.

Also, don’t forget that no meal is complete without appetizers. And there’s nothing easier than a cheese or fruit plate. It requires absolutely no cooking, only arranging and slicing. And let’s be honest – I am a GREAT arranger (as long as Lemon tells me where things go).

So get cooking and start celebrating! Happy Holidays!

Mayor's Statement

Wanda’s Word on a Thrifty Holiday By: Wanda




Hey ya’ll!  I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving- or as we call it here in BlueBell, Planksgiving.  I ate so much turkey and stuffing this year, that I slept right through afternoon football and woke up with a cranberry sauce mustache at 4am the next day!  Luckily I was up just in time to make it out for the black Friday sales.  I love a good deal, and although I’m tiny I’m surprisingly strong when it comes to getting through a crowd for some $3 DVD’s.  Speaking of Holiday sales, this week we have a question from a local BlueBellian who seems to be facing an issue we’ve all felt before.  Anonymous from Bluebell writes:

“Hey Wanda,

     Every year my boyfriend and I tend to get each other several gifts for the holiday season, but this year I just don’t have the money to do it.  I haven’t really talked to him about it because I know even if I tell him not to get me anything, he’ll do it anyway.  What should I do?

Happy Holidays,

Anonymous BlueBellian”

Anonymous- you are asking the right girl for this topic!  Contrary to popular belief, it actually doesn’t pay that much being a waitress at the Rammer Jammer, so I’ve learned many ways to be thoughtful but frugal during the holidays.  One of the best things you could suggest to your boyfriend is not getting each other any gifts this season and instead going on a little get away as a couple.  This will be so romantic and it gives you the freedom to spend as little or as much money as you’re comfortable with.  How about a road trip to Biloxi or Galveston? Maybe you even have friends or family with a place you could use so you’ll save money on a hotel too.  I personally can’t think of anything better than a whole day on the road followed by a few nights out of town with Tom!  It sounds like your sweetie might be pretty set on getting you some kind of present so if you still want to get your boyfriend a small gift just to be safe, I’ve recently learned about the miracle of online shopping.  One piece of advice is to go shopping in the stores, write down what you like, then go online and find the best deals on those items. I hope you talk to your boyfriend anyway- let him know some of your concerns and who knows, maybe he’ll love these ideas too.  I hope I helped!

Big hugs,


If I can give you some advice, send me an email!


The Tom Long and Short of It

An Ode to Planksgiving By: Tom Long




All of the Pirates, the family and friends

Planksgiving’s the time to make amends

Holidays in BlueBell are what I’m all about

Everyone knows I take the turkey route

I’ve prepared for weeks, months, almost a year

It’s the day I can eat and eat with no fear

Those pants with the elastic waistband are key

Without them, all this food can’t fit in little ole me

But I don’t let my size stop me, I feast like a man

Well I mean, I try to eat as much as I can

But what a delight this feast will be

Pirates, Indians, Wanda and me.

Magnolia's Stupid Mandatory Homework Blog

One Month More (also, Thanksgiving happened and that was cool) By: Magnolia Breeland



First off, can I just say that it’s one month until LES MIZ comes out and I am so excited?! I’ve watched the trailer like a thousand times. Literally. I have it on repeat on my iPad. I’ve been singing all the songs and I have to admit, I could totally pull off Cosette. No offense, Amanda Seyfried. I know you were in like Mamma Mia and whatnot. But I would have killed it.

“There is a castle on a cloud, I like to go there in my sleep…”

Alright, Dad. Geez. He’s been claiming to get a lot of migraines lately. But it’s only when I sing songs from LES MIZ. He’s obviously totally uncultured.

But it’s the time of the year for goodwill and giving back, so I will find it in my heart to cut my dad some slack. Of course, he could do the same and let my voice be heard. (I shouted that part, so he could hear my disgust.)

Anyway, Thanksgiving was last week. And in school, we learned about the Pilgrims and the Native Americans sitting down together and breaking bread – or, breaking turkey rather. It all seemed kind of stupid at first, since obviously Planksgiving is the superior holiday, but it ended up being kind of interesting. Because sure, they fought over land and religion and the English bringing their disease-infested selves over here. But I have to say, I think all the problems really stemmed from their wardrobe differences. The Pilgrims are dressed all drab in black and white with those stupid little bonnets. And the Native Americans went all out sporting bright colors and feathers. They were totally more fashionable.

Which is the real lesson here: Incorporating color into your wardrobe can make the world a better place. That will bring about true change and happiness. You heard it here first, kids. Or, I guess the Native Americans said it first. But in a whole other language.  Glad I could translate for you.