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Wanda’s Word on ZoeGate By: Wanda



Hey there guys and gals, thanks for taking the time to view my blog again.  Ya’ll just make my heart swell up bigger than a watermelon in June.  I’d been real busy at the Rammer Jammer, but now that Lemon is no longer working with us things have really calmed down! So it’s the perfect time to respond to one of your emails. This one comes from Betsy, who writes:

“Hey Wanda,

So word on the street is that Zoe and Wade might have a little thing going on…  I thought that since you two worked together you could give us girls just a little insider information.  We all think they would make the cutest couple!

XOXO Betsy”

Betsy, a lot of us BlueBellians are wondering the exact same thing right now but I’m gonna be honest with you- keeping up with Dr. Hart and all her men is harder than keeping up with one of the Kardashians!  Everyone in town seemed pretty sure that George Tucker broke things off with Lemon because of Zoe, so when he and Wade ended up in a big fight over at the mayor’s place, people were talking…

Now, I have worked with Wade Kinsella for quite a while, and he and I almost had a little thing going ourselves. And let me tell you, it is like pulling teeth to get that boy to talk about his feelings. Sometimes I try to move things along by offering up stories about Tom and me, but he always ends up getting really busy right then. But I have noticed the way he looks at Doctor Hart, and I wouldn’t be surprised to find out there’s something there. But with his friendship with George Tucker, can you imagine what a mess that would be?

Big Hugs,


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