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Wanda’s Word on Relationships By: Wanda



Hey ya’ll!  Thanks for checking out my little piece of the town website again.  I’m having so much fun with all the sweet letters and emails I’ve been getting.  Turns out, there might be more folks who want my advice than I thought!  At this rate I’m not gonna have any time to make Tom frozen pizzas while he plays in WOW tournaments every Monday night- or Tuesday afternoons, or Wednesday evenings, Thursday late nights, or… Well let’s just get started.

This email comes from Shiloh.  Shiloh writes:

“Hi Wanda!

       You and Tom make such an adorable couple.  :) Screw Chase Cobb- whatever happened with him anyway?”

Well Shiloh, aren’t you just sweeter than my Aunt June’s peach cobbler!?!  (and for the record, I think Tom & I make a pretty adorable couple too!)  As far as my ex goes, ultimately Chase and I just didn’t share the same values in a relationship, so it didn’t work out.  He was messy, inconsiderate, he didn’t like musicals, he could start an argument in an empty house… oh, and he cheated on me and gave me syphilis.  At the time, part of me knew it wasn’t meant to be but he was my first boyfriend and I was so excited! Besides, when you really care about someone, you don’t always see their flaws and sometimes you end up letting things slide that would even make a preacher cuss! But everything in life teaches us something and the biggest lesson I learned is not to let someone else drag me down.  If you’re generally a happy person, you gotta stop acting crazier than a sprayed roach and figure out how to pull yourself out of a bad situation!  Once that happens, you never know what great things might come into your life.  Hope that finally puts this whole mystery about my ex to rest.  I gotta run- Tom just walked in, and he’s taking me out on his new tandem bike this afternoon!

If anyone out there needs some advice or just has a fun question for me, I’m happy to help!  Email me at wandasword@gmail.com

Big Hugs,