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Hey there, y’all! Welcome to another week of Wanda’s Word! There has been so much going on, I barely know where to begin. The Rammer Jammer has been chock full of action this week. First, Lemon tried the surprise omelet, which I didn’t think was a great idea, and it turned out not to be, especially since she spent the next few days sipping on ginger ales. If only people listened to me when I told them to avoid things. Like, Dr. Hart getting a bit out of hand on a date with a too few many glasses of wine. Now, I know I work in a bar, but I thought the doctor would have some better sense than that. And even though I told Wade it’d be a good idea to cut her off, he totally ignored me. Typical. Anyway, she got sodrunk that she ended up making a fool of herself and possible wrecking Mayor Hayes’ campaign. I know, I know. Like I said, it’s been a crazy week in BlueBell. Hopefully things’ll calm down a bit and we can get to the things that matter. Like you folks. Speaking of which, I had a lovely write-in question.

Dear Wanda, 

 First of all: I think you must be a really happy lady to be with Tom Long. He is so handsome. My question now is: Do you have any idea what i could get a best friend for her birthday?

I can’t think of things I didn’t get her the years before and no one could help me by now.

 Thank you for being there, Lou :)


Well, hey there, Lou! Thank you…I am quite happy with Tom Long. He is handsome, isn’t he? I think he’s the most handsome man in BlueBell, and there’s a lot of competition for that title! And as for your best friend, I’m sure whatever you get her she will love. Who doesn’t love presents? And remember that some of the best presents can’t be wrapped. Like a nice dinner out or a surprise party? I love parties! Just make sure it’s something personal and sweet – my ex, Chase Cobb, wrote me a check once for my birthday! Not okay, fellas.

Hope that helps!

Big Hugs,



And don’t forget, if you need advice, I want to help! Email wandasword@gmail.com – Until next time!