Wanda's Word

Wanda’s Word on Job Hunting By: Wanda

Dear Wanda,

I want nothing more than to launch my new life as a career lady (and get away from my parents, double UGH!).  I know I could be great at anything but …. I’ve never had a real job before. How did you get your job at the Rammer Jammer? What do you think could help me land that first gig? I’d sure appreciate some knowing advice from a successful girl like you.


A hopefully-soon-to-be Workin’ Girl


Hey there Workin’ Girl!

I applaud your gumption and independence! I’m always happy to help a fellow career lady out! What I would do first is to take a good long gander at the BlueBell Gazette for postings. Sure my Uncle Wally owns the Rammer Jammer, but  found my first job at Susie’s in the Want Ads in the Gazette! And don’t you forget to think outta the box, honey! Are you good with animals? Try offering your services as a dog walker or a pet sitter! Everyone knows Shula is always looking for someone to watch her cats on Bible Study night. And don’t be too big for your britches, neither. Everyone’s gotta start somewhere…even if that somewhere is picking the dandelions outta Old  Man Jackson’s yard. (And take it from me doll- don’t be asking him why a lawnmower wouldn’t do just as well…best to just do what he says!)

Getting your first job can be scary – I know my heart felt like a net full of butterflies on my first interview. The trick is to just keep your confidence up! Put on a pretty outfit and get your hair done. Hit the town feelin’ your best and that’ll show! Once you do a good job with one customer others will be sure to follow. Before you know it you’ll be as busy as a stump-tailed cow in fly time! Best of luck to ya, honey! You can do it!

If any of ya’ll reading this need advice with something in your lives, I’ll do my best to help!  Write to me at wandasword@gmail.com

Big hugs,