Police Logs

Police Log By: Police Log

Wednesday – Several reports involve a brazen armadillo knocking over trash cans and destroying two rose gardens.  The armadillo has yet to be apprehended.

Thursday – Neighbors reported a breaking and entry at Cody Owens’s house.  Authorities arrived on the scene and discovered that Owens had locked himself out and busted his own window to enter.

Friday – Few calls from folks just wanting to talk about the weather. It’s been pretty nice.

Police Logs

Police Logs – Week 1 By: Police Logs

Tuesday – Authorities called in to investigate potential hostage situation at the Mayor’s Plantation. Authorities handled magnificently.

Wednesday through Saturday – Many reports of drunk and disorderly conduct at the Rammer Jammer, stemming from arguments over the dissolution of the Tucker/Breeland nuptials.

Police Logs

Police Logs By: Police Logs

4/17 Graffiti was found on the stop sign at Lincoln and Hoover. Under the word stop, “hammer time” was written with blue paint.

4/29 Police were called to the 10 block of Glenn Ln after a small altercation between neighbors occurred over property lines.

Police Logs

2/5 – 2/11 By: Police Logs

2/7 Paramedics were called to CLJJ HS after a student accidentally electrocuted himself while working on his science fair project. The student was transported to a hospital in Mobile. He will not be participating in this year’s event.

2/10 A fire broke out on the front lawn of a house. It is reported that the fire was set intentionally after a domestic dispute. There is an warrant out for the arrest of the arsonist.

Police Logs

1/29 – 2/5 By: Police Logs

2/4 A woman called the police department to report her husband missing. The husband was later found passed out at the Rammer Jammer after consuming too many Jack and Cokes.