Dash DeWitt

Going to the Chapel By: Dash DeWitt

Thank goodness William and Kate got married last year because that means George and Lemon will definitely win 2012’s coveted “Wedding of the Year” award. Their big day is less than a week away! A week away! Can you believe it?! This wedding has been in the making for years and I am so excited I will be in attendance. George and Lemon are certainly BlueBell royalty and I’m sure no expense will be lost at this wedding. I, for one, cannot wait. I even bought a brand new three piece suit as well as purchased a beautiful top hat to go with it. After Lemon, I will probably be the best-dressed person at the wedding. Just kidding. Not really.

Check out their wedding site to get excited for the big day. Make sure to sign the guestbook! http://georgeandlemon.ourwedding.com/

Pet of the Week

BlueBell Pet of the Week! By: Pet of the Week



Prince the Frog
Clairee Woodman’s pet frog
Birthday: March 1st
Favorite Famous Frog: Kermit, duh
Favorite Color: Green
Favorite Food: Flies and spiders. Yum.
Least Favorite People: Biology teachers
2nd Least Favorite People: French chefs
Fvorite Activity: Chilling on my lily pad
Favorite Quote: “Theories pass. The frog remains.” Jean Rostand


May in BlueBell By: Calendar

May 5th
Cinco de Mayo Party
Come to the Rammer Jammer for some Wade made margaritas. Ole!

May 7th
Disaster Preparedness Drill
Storm season is almost upon us and we all need to be ready. The drill will occur at any moment throughout the day. Hope you’re ready.

May 9th
Book Club Meeting
We will be discussing April’s book club pick, John Grisham’s “Calico Joe.” Surprisingly, this book was not a legal thriller. Surely many people are disappointed. Therefore there will be a lot to discuss.

May 11th
High School Baseball
Come cheer on our boys. Go Big Blue!

May 12th
CLJJ HS Art Show
The high school will be presenting the very best student art from the 2011-2012 school year. Refreshments will be served. There will also be a performance art piece from that transfer student.

May 13th
Happy Mother’s Day!

May 14th
Happy Wedding Day George and Lemon! http://georgeandlemon.ourwedding.com/

May 16th
BlueBell Film Society
Since Mother’s Day was only a few days earlier, this month’s movie is “Terms of Endearment.” Bring the tissues. Bring a lot of tissues. A discussion after the film is dependent upon whether or not people will be too depressed to talk.

May 18th
High School Baseball
Come cheer on our boys. Go Big Blue!

May 19th & May 20th
Strawberry Festival
Come to the town square for everything strawberry! Seriously, everything will be strawberry. Should be interesting.

May 21st
Pie Making with Agnes
It’s almost summer which means it’s time to bring out the summer pies (boysenberry, cherry). BlueBell’s one and only Agnes will be teaching a baking class. Yummy!

May 25th
High School Baseball
Come cheer on our boys. Go Big Blue!

May 28th
Happy Memorial Day!

May 30th
BlueBell Pool Opens
The BlueBell Town Pool is officially open for the summer. Woo hoo!!

Police Logs

Police Logs By: Police Logs

4/17 Graffiti was found on the stop sign at Lincoln and Hoover. Under the word stop, “hammer time” was written with blue paint.

4/29 Police were called to the 10 block of Glenn Ln after a small altercation between neighbors occurred over property lines.

Dash DeWitt

The Battle is On By: Dash DeWitt

The BlueBell Battle is one of my favorite events of the year. And you know why? Because I don’t take part in it! While I’m all over the place with tons of other town activities, the BlueBell Battle is something I abstain from. Now that’s not to say I don’t think I could win. I know I could. Not to brag or anything but I am a bit of a Renaissance Man (if you didn’t know that already). I have many special talents. I am beyond physically fit (I can run a mile in eight minutes) and I know my way around fixing things (configuring a fishing rod? Ha! I can do that with my eyes closed). I’m happy to sit the BlueBell Battle out and let my fine, fellow BlueBellians try their hand at winning $5,000. And boy was this year’s competition stiff (but still, I have no doubts I’d have won if I partook). So many excellent participants giving it their all. Makes me proud to be from BlueBell. I offer a heartfelt congratulations to George and Lemon for their victory. I have a feeling that $5,000 will come in handy on their honeymoon :)