The Tom Long and Short of It

More Short Poetry by Tom Long By: Tom Long





Wanda, Fair Wanda

Light of my life, the one girl

I have ever loved.


Wanda, you found the

Poems that I wrote for Zoe

And now it is weird.


Wanda, I’m sorry

Zoe was new in town, I

Was just being nice.


Wanda, no offense

You’re not one to talk because

Remember Chase Cobb?


Wanda, I shouldn’t

Have brought up Chase Cobb. I feel

Badly about that.


Oh, forget Zoe.

Wanda, you’re the one for me.

It’s always been you.


(Zoe, are you there?

If things don’t work out with Wade

Or George, please call me.)

BlueBell Sports Corner

Interview with Dan “Thunder Dan” Groom By: BlueBell Sports Corner


Dan Groom, aka “Thunder Dan,” has been named team captain of CLJJ High School as Big Blue commences two-a-day practices.  For his senior year, Thunder Dan is making the switch from Defensive End to Outside Linebacker under the tutelage of Mayor Lavon Hayes.  Thunder Dan sits down with us after a grueling practice in sweltering, southern summer heat.

 Is it safe to practice in these record temperatures?

We are taking precautions, for sure.  We start practice at 6am and then come back at 5p for the afternoon practice, and miss most of the heat that way.  Coach Scott works us hard, but he makes sure we’re hydrated.  He’s a big believer in pre-hydration, because once you’re thirsty you’re already dehydrated.

 What’s it like to have a former NFL star as a mentor?

Lavon Hayes has had a tremendous impact on Thunder Dan. Thunder Dan would not be sitting here with you right now as team captain if it weren’t for Lavon Hayes.

 How has Lavon Hayes helped with your transition to a new position?

In all aspects, really, especially my pass rush.  He even showed Thunder Dan how to make a bomb egg-white omelet packed with protein that gives me the gas to get through these practices.

 I’ve heard rumors that you took ballet from Dash Dewitt this summer… is it true?

Yeah, Dash is my ballet guru.  Thunder Dan got razzed by the guys pretty good in the locker room, but after a few big hits due to my improved and nimble footwork from ballet, it shut the guys up pretty quickly.  Dash is chill.

 Any predictions for the season?

Well as Coach Scott always tells us, anything short of a state championship will be considered a disappointment.


Wanda's Word

Wanda’s Word on the Dating Scene By: Wanda

Hey ya’ll!  Thanks for checking out my new section of the town blog, “Wanda’s Word”.  I am so excited to share my advice, tips, and even a little bit of gossip with ya’ll so let’s get started!

Our very first question comes from Blue in BlueBell.  Blue writes:

“Dear Wanda,

    It’s been years since I’ve had a companion in my life (other than my beautiful kitties), but I think I’m finally ready to date again.  I’m an older lady and haven’t been out with a man in quite some time.  Do you have any tips on good places to meet other singles in their golden years? If so, how do I go about getting a date? 


Blue in BlueBell”

Well Blue, bless your heart for getting back out there in the dating scene.  I think that is just so sweet.  My advice for you is to just make sure you’re always out and about in town.  There’s not one right place you’ll meet the perfect guy- it could be anywhere.  At Church, at the bakery- heck, even in the middle of town square while you’re walking one of your cats!  He could be right under your nose and you might not even know it.  Also, don’t be afraid to start the conversation- it can be about anything!  My sweet Tom is so shy that if I hadn’t started talking to him about our mutual love for chocolate chip pancakes with banana smiley faces on them, he’d probably still be sweatin’ bullets every time he sees me at the Rammer Jammer!  (By the way, now I put banana hearts on his chocolate chip pancakes instead- he giggles every time!) .  I hope this advice was helpful to you Blue!  Let me know how it goes.

If any of ya’ll reading this need advice with something in your lives, I’ll do my best to help!  Write to me at

Big hugs,


Rose's BlueBell Beat

RIP: George and Lemon’s Relationship By: Rose Hattenbarger

I know I may just be fifteen, but this break up has been hitting the whole town of BlueBell like a storm. George Tucker and Lemon Breeland were like our very own Brad and Angelina, and it’s going to take some serious time and some serious music to get over my heartbreak.

To help out, I’ve made a mix of my favorite breakup songs.

1) Stars – Your Ex-Lover Is Dead

2) Imogen Heap – Hide and Seek

3) Rolling Stones – Wild Horses

4) No Doubt – Don’t Speak

5) Bon Iver – Skinny Love

6) Joni Mitchell – Both Sides Now

7) Dolly Parton – I Will Always Love You

8) Jeff Buckley – The Last Goodbye

9) Johnny Cash & June Carter – It Ain’t Me, Babe

10)  Amy Winehouse – Back To Black

From the mellow beginning, the mix takes you through a whole range of emotions from the original heartbreak to the raw pain to the tentatively optimistic hope for the future. I hope our community can listen to these songs and start to feel better about the tragedy that’s befallen our town. Because even if our golden couple couldn’t, this music will stand the test of time.

Dash DeWitt

Culture Update from Dash DeWitt By: Dash DeWitt


Hang onto your hats fellow cinema lovers! I have some blockbuster news. You heard it here first: Metzger’s Movie Haus is expanding! BlueBellians will at long last be treated to the duo-plex that they want and they deserve. That’s right! TWO screens! A theatrical equivalent of a jitter-inducing double shot from our very own Butter Stick Bakery.

So grab your sweetie, pack a sweater, and get ready for some mediocre popcorn. (I’m looking at you Mrs. Metzger. What are we, in a butter shortage?)  I myself will be catching a screening of Pitch Perfect this Friday. It looks to be a veritable smorgasbord of my absolute favorite things: all-male Acappella, all-female Acapella, and Workaholics star Adam Devine. That boy is an absolute gem! Hollywood, are you listening?

Until next time!