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Meat the Candidates By: Rose Hattenbarger





Lemon Breeland recently took over Lavon’s campaign and has hit the ground running, in true Lemon fashion. Lemon has been on a energy fueled kick to prove to everyone that she is a strong, independent woman! She’s turning into a bit of a role model for some of us younger folks, and has completely sold me on Team Lavon. She’s also done us BlueBellians a favor and planned a Meat & Greet! Tasty southern BBQ, friends, politics and most importantly – MUSIC! In honor of this weekend’s Meat & Greet, I’ve put together my ultimate playlist for a hot day’s BBQ.


1. Grouplove – Tongue Tied

2. Ellie Goulding – Lights

3. Walk the Moon – Tightrope

4. No Doubt – Settle Down

5. Pink – Blow Me (One Last Kiss)

6. Mumford & Sons – I Will Wait

7. fun. – Some Nights

8. Owl City & Carly Rae Jepsen – Good Time

9. Tegan & Sara – Closer

10. Maroon 5 – Payphone


Well, this list may be a bit biased, but if it were my decision, ya’ll know this is what we would be hearing at the Meat & Greet! How could any opposing candidates quarrel while listening to any of these songs? They just put you in a great mood! Hopefully everyone can come out to the BBQ!! I’ll see ya there! And possibly sneaking into the Rammer Jammer to play a couple CD’s…

Magnolia's Stupid Mandatory Homework Blog

Fight the Power! By: Magnolia Breeland



Well here I am again- I almost didn’t write a blog this week because it is so boring that half the time I feel like I need to drink some coffee just so I can stay awake- and I don’t even like coffee. It tastes gross!  Why every adult has to start their day with a giant cup of it is beyond me.  But, I do really want that new phone, and to be honest it does feel kind of good when I know I did my homework… I guess.  Don’t tell my Dad you read that though.

Anyway, Ms. Bradburn told us that everyone was complaining about silly things in their blogs, so now we have to write about what we learned in school for the day (as if this assignment could get any worse) so here it goes… Today in my biology class we had to dissect frogs, which was one of the most disgusting things I’ve ever heard of!  Who does that anymore?  I mean really, what is it supposed to teach us?  Are we living in 1962?  Other than the fact that I never EVER want to be a doctor, veterinarian, or anything where you have to work near a swamp, what am I supposed to learn from this?  I already knew I never want any of those careers anyway (after years of watching my Daddy getting all up in people’s ear wax, I’ll pass) so even that isn’t much of a lesson.  The frogs reek and they are soaked in the same stuff as dead people!  I don’t want to smell like that and I certainly don’t want to touch it.  I don’t even like to catch frogs outside, why would I want to play around with a dead one??

After I refused to participate with my group (mostly because I didn’t want to get frog juice on my new denim jacket) my teacher said I was being disruptive and threatened to give me detention.  I told him I’d be happy to go to detention so that way I could spend plenty of time writing letters to every animal rights group in the country about how a mean teacher made a sweet, innocent, very pretty high school girl cut up a dead frog while she cried and told him she didn’t believe in it.  Guess what happened?!?  The short version is he gave me a B on the assignment.  So I guess I did learn something in my Biology class today- that I’m a great negotiator!  Looks like the Breelands might have a future lawyer in the family!  See Lemon, George Tucker wasn’t our only hope.

Wanda's Word

Wanda’s Word on ZoeGate By: Wanda



Hey there guys and gals, thanks for taking the time to view my blog again.  Ya’ll just make my heart swell up bigger than a watermelon in June.  I’d been real busy at the Rammer Jammer, but now that Lemon is no longer working with us things have really calmed down! So it’s the perfect time to respond to one of your emails. This one comes from Betsy, who writes:

“Hey Wanda,

So word on the street is that Zoe and Wade might have a little thing going on…  I thought that since you two worked together you could give us girls just a little insider information.  We all think they would make the cutest couple!

XOXO Betsy”

Betsy, a lot of us BlueBellians are wondering the exact same thing right now but I’m gonna be honest with you- keeping up with Dr. Hart and all her men is harder than keeping up with one of the Kardashians!  Everyone in town seemed pretty sure that George Tucker broke things off with Lemon because of Zoe, so when he and Wade ended up in a big fight over at the mayor’s place, people were talking…

Now, I have worked with Wade Kinsella for quite a while, and he and I almost had a little thing going ourselves. And let me tell you, it is like pulling teeth to get that boy to talk about his feelings. Sometimes I try to move things along by offering up stories about Tom and me, but he always ends up getting really busy right then. But I have noticed the way he looks at Doctor Hart, and I wouldn’t be surprised to find out there’s something there. But with his friendship with George Tucker, can you imagine what a mess that would be?

Big Hugs,


If any of ya’ll need advice, have some fun gossip, or just want to say hi- email me!

Police Logs

Police Log By: Police Log

Wednesday – Several reports involve a brazen armadillo knocking over trash cans and destroying two rose gardens.  The armadillo has yet to be apprehended.

Thursday – Neighbors reported a breaking and entry at Cody Owens’s house.  Authorities arrived on the scene and discovered that Owens had locked himself out and busted his own window to enter.

Friday – Few calls from folks just wanting to talk about the weather. It’s been pretty nice.

The Belles Blog

AnnaBeth’s Tips for a Stress-Free Week By: AnnaBeth




AnnaBeth here! And let me just say that I need to do some complaining. I am just annoyed as heck with some things that have been going on in my life, and I have just been about to explode, but, as any good Belle knows, that’s not entirely acceptable. Still, with my divorce papers being finalized and trying to help Lemon sort through her break up, I’ve had a lot on my plate. Crickett posted her stress-busters a while back, so here are my tools for having a stress-free week!

1.     Buy a new outfit. There’s nothing quite like a new dress or a new look to make you feel like a new person. Make shopping part of the fun, too, and try on something exciting or a little daring. If you’re going to go for it, go big and get something out of the ordinary!

2.    Go out with the girls. Now that you have a splashy new outfit, what better plan than to show it off with your best Belles? I suggest going somewhere out of town, so you can feel free to go crazy (and maybe even order a second glass of wine, woo!)

3.    Flirt. Find the cutest boy at the bar and make conversation. If he’s a dud, move on. No pressure! But hopefully, he’ll end up being a welcome distraction and maybe you’ll even get a good night kiss out of it.

4.    Find a hobby. Maybe you’ve always wanted to take cooking classes or learn how to sew a quilt. Now is the perfect time to do that. Channel your frustration into something productive and feel that tension disappear.

5.    Dessert Pastries. When all else fails, baked goods are my best friend. Don’t feel bad to splurge once in a while!

I’ll be honest, I’ve been through the list about three times, and I usually just skip to number five – Agnes has a cream puff for me on standby.  But I hope you are able to use all five steps to have a stress-free week!