Rose's BlueBell Beat

Come Together By: Rose

One of my favorite parts about living in BlueBell is the great sense of community this town has. Dash DeWitt’s annual charity revue is just one of the examples. Each year everyone comes together bringing their personal strengths to the table. I, for one, am a lousy singer. And dancer. Seriously, I send birds flying when I open my mouth and when I move my feet I have a hard time of not tripping. However, I am a good sewer. Like really good. While I’m no Project Runway contestant (I haven’t mastered the art of actually designing clothes), I know my way around a sewing machine. Therefore, when it comes to the revue I always help out with costumes. It is there that I can use my talent. This year’s revue was definitely one of the best ever. I had so much fun! The singers were divine. The sets were incredible. And not to brag but the costumes were pretty stellar as well. Surprisingly, I can now call myself a Gilbert and Sullivan fan. Wonder if their music is on Spotify…

Dash DeWitt

50 Shades of Ew By: Dash DeWitt

One little book has put the entire city of BlueBell up in arms. That book is none other than the most talked about piece of fiction of the year, “50 Shades of Grey.”  The “Twilight” fanfic turned novel was April’s BlueBell Book Club pick. However, we had to cancel this month’s event after people were complaining about the book’s vulgarity. Now Dash DeWitt is no prude but when I opened this novel and started reading I nearly choked on my sweet tea. It wasn’t the pornographic content that hit me, but rather it was the idea that people around the country have been devouring this book at a rapid pace. It’s total trash! I love literature more than anything. The thought of curling up on my chaise, wrapped in a throw from CB2 (I love their website!), and reading a good book sounds like Heaven on earth. But “50 Shades of Grey” is not that book. “50 Shades of Grey” is just plain bad. Although it does give me hope. Perhaps, I need to take out my novel from under the bed in my guest room and give it a second look. I’ve been working on that thing for years! Because seriously, if “50 Shades of Grey” can get published, perhaps “A Cool Breeze” (my novel) can as well.

Rose's BlueBell Beat

Happy Anniversary! By: Rose

One of BlueBell’s most beloved establishments just celebrated a huge anniversary. The Rammer Jammer has been in business for a staggering 30 years. Congrats! The reason I say staggering is because of all that joint has witnessed in these past three decades. I may only be half its age but I feel like so much has gone down there in my lifetime that its crazy to believe so much happened before I was even born. My mom has told me all about it. From fires (seriously, the Rammer Jammer has seen more fires than a Hunger Games arena) to floods to raccoons attacking the food pantry, that place has been through a ton. Not to mention all the cases of food poisoning. That’s actually a testament to how good the food is since everyone keeps going back no matter how sick we always get! The Rammer Jammer is a BlueBell staple and I can’t imagine the town without it. Here’s to another 30 years!


April in BlueBell By: Calendar

April 3rd
Meet the Easter Bunny
Hop, hop, hop down to the town square for pictures with the Easter Bunny!

April 4th
Book Club Meeting
This month’s book club has been cancelled due to a highly inappropriate book being chosen as March’s pick. “50 Shades of Grey” is vulgar, improper and all copies should be burned.

April 6th
Happy Good Friday! All business will be closed. Except for church.

April 7th
Passover Seder
Dr. Zoe Hart will be hosting something called a Seder at the Rammer Jammer in honor of her holiday of Passover. She says bring any kind of food except for things that contain yeast. Huh?

April 8th
Happy Easter! All business will be closed. Except for church.

April 9th
Rammer Jammer 30th Anniversary Party
How old do you feel? Come to BlueBell’s beloved bar/restaurant for a good old-fashioned party. Happy Birthday, Rammer Jammer! You don’t look a day over 29.

April 13th
High School Baseball
Come cheer on our boys. Go Big Blue!

April 18th
BlueBell Film Society
This month’s Film Society will be doing something a bit different. We will be meeting at the BlueBell Cinema for the 7pm showing of “Titanic 3D.” Dash DeWitt will host a discussion following the film at the Rammer Jammer. Never let go.

April 20th
High School Baseball
Come cheer on our boys. Go Big Blue!

April 21st
Gilbert and South-ivan Revue
It’s that time of year again. Dash DeWitt’s charity revue! So come on down to the Old Cotton Exchange Building for a night of singing, dancing and laughs. “For I’m called a little buttercup.”

April 25th
Girls Club Bake Sale
The Girls Club will be selling delicious baked goods in the town square to raise money for their organization. Brownies, cookies, oh my!

April 27th
High School Baseball
Come cheer on our boys. Go Big Blue!

April 28th
BlueBell Battle
Hope you’ve been doing some intense training because the BlueBell Battle is here. $5,000 is at stake. Which BlueBellian team will prove to have the biggest brains and mightiest brawn? Your guess is as good as mine. Good luck!


March in BlueBell By: Calendar

March 7th
Book Club Meeting
We will be discussing February’s book club pick, Kris Jenner’s “Kris Jenner . . . And All Things Kardashian,” at Pageturners. Kannot wait!

March 10th and 11th
Dash’s Revue Auditions
There will be auditions for the Dash’s Spring Revue in the CLJJ HS auditorium. The theme of this year’s revue is still hush hush but it is sure to knock your socks off!

March 13th
BlueBell Film Society
In honor of St. Patrick’s Day, there will be a screening at the library of one of Ireland’s best films “Once.” I don’t know you but I want to…

March 14th
Pi Day Party!
CLJJ math teacher Ms. Richman is throwing a Pi Day party in the high school cafeteria. Come on by for an exciting afternoon of math equations and eating pies made by Agnes.

March 15th
Ides of March Party
Not to outdo the Pi Day Party, CLJJ English teacher Ms. Benefiel will be holding an informal reading of “Julius Caesar” in the high school auditorium. Et tu, Brute?

March 17th
Happy St. Patrick’s Day!
The Rammer Jammer is hosting its annual St. Patrick’s Day party. Soda bread, corned beef and hash, and Guinness will be served. Be sure to wear green!

March 19th – 21st
Nurf Baseball Sign Ups
All the fun but none of the danger. Come sign your 4-6 year old up for Saturday nurf baseball games.

March 22nd  (technically March 23rd)
The Hunger Games
For the first time ever, the BlueBell Cinema will stay open late for a midnight screening of “The Hunger Games.” Go District 12!! Team Peeta or Team Gale?

March 24th
High School Baseball
Come cheer on our boys in their first baseball game of the season. Go Big Blue!

March 26th
March Madness
Come by the Rammer Jammer for a fun filled day of March Madness games. Is your team still in the running?