Magnolia's Stupid Mandatory Homework Blog

Magnolia’s Life – My First But Unfortunately Not My Last Entry By: Magnolia Breeland

I’m sure I know what you’re thinking- “Why is Magnolia writing some stupid blog?” Well it IS stupid but one of the things my English teacher Ms. Bradburn says we can do for extra credit this year is keep an online journal, and if I make good grades Daddy says for Christmas he’ll finally buy me the new cell phone I’ve had my eye on for weeks now.  So from here on out, it looks like I’ll be filling you in with all the details of my exciting life.

Right now, one of my biggest concerns is my sister Lemon.  As we all know, her recent wedding to George ended up being a complete disaster, and at the last minute they called it off.  It really worries me because I picked out a new comforter and sheets THREE MONTHS AGO for my room (aka Lemon’s old room) and now they’re just sitting in a box.  I mean, I haven’t even opened them yet because I wanted them to be brand new for the first night in my new bedroom- not to mention they don’t even fit my current bed.  I was ready to be the queen of the Breeland home, with a new queen sized bed to match- but those plans are now on hold indefinitely.

On top of that, living under Lemon’s roof feels like I might as well be going to military school.  She’s always telling me to do things that I just don’t have time for.  Case and point- two Fridays ago I asked my sister very politely to make sure my favorite pink sweater was clean when I came home, because I was going to wear it to Tonya’s party that night.  I came home from school and guess where my pink sweater was- right where I left it, under a pile of dirty clothes in my closet.  When I asked Lemon about it, she told me she wasn’t doing laundry until Sunday!  Two days AFTER the party.  Then she proceeds to tell me I should just do it myself.  I still can’t believe it.

Anyway, I hope my sister pulls it together soon because I’m tired of being stressed out over her, and until Lemon figures out what she’s going to do with her life, I can’t do anything with mine.  I’m sure you can understand my concerns.