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Women’s Beach Volleyball Team Set to Arrive By: BlueBell Sports Corner



After amassing a 17 – 2 state record in California, the Seal Beach Lady Strikers make a pit stop this Tuesday in BlueBell en route to Florida for the Holly Hill Beach Volleyball Championship.  Although only a two day stay, the women have a considerable amount of free time to sightsee and delight in local flavors since BlueBell lacks beaches, making practice a near impossibility.  With the Big Blue football team on a bye week and A Midsummer Night’s Dream: A Dash DeWitt Joint recently concluding its run, the team is expected to spend most of its time in the Rammer Jammer under the sterling service of Wade Kinsella.  If a nature jaunt more suits the Lady Strikers, they’d be wise to join George Tucker who lately upped his status from occasional fisherman to avid angler.  Whichever they choose (and if they need advice they can ask Zoe Hart), Mayor Lavon Hayes and all of BlueBell will surely roll out the red carpet, pour a sweet tea, and show these volleyball players our hospitable charms.