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Interview with Joey Potts, CLJ Jones High QB 2 By: BlueBell Sports Corner





Name: Joey Potts

Sport: Football / 2nd String QB behind Colby Slaughter

Grade: Junior

Height: 6’0

Weight: 185 lbs

Most of you already know star quarterback Colby Slaughter, the young man whose rocket arm has the Big Blue football team in contention this year. But you might not know that he has a backup with an equally important job. Joey Potts balances out his talent on the field with an equal interest in academic extracurriculars: he’s treasurer of the Math Club and an alternate on the Debate Team. We caught up with Joey at the water fountain in the middle of BlueBell’s recent heat wave.


BlueBell Sports Corner: The football season is in full swing, tell us about the life of a number two QB.

Joey Potts: The number two QB usually runs the upcoming opponent’s offense all week against the number one defense, so they can get some good pre-game looks. Personally, I don’t do that, because Colby likes to run both number one QB and number two QB to get some more reps in, but I’m always there with critical feedback if they need it. I mean, Colby doesn’t really like criticism, but I always have a lot of thoughts ready in case he asks.


BSC: We see you holding a clipboard during the games. What is that and what are your in-game responsibilities?

JP: Being in charge of the clipboard is one of my most important responsibilities. I take notes on it throughout the game. Sometimes during timeouts Colby will be like “Hey, wouldn’t it be great if the locker room had a pinball machine” or “How many stars are in the Big Dipper?” Keeping the clipboard handy gives me a place to write all that stuff down.


BSC: How is your relationship with the number one QB?

JP: We’re pretty close. I mean, not close, close. But, you know, we talk a lot. Not like super a lot, but you know…his locker is near mine in the locker room, so we kinda brush by each other a lot. Which is cool.


BSC: It’s a heat wave in BlueBell, and we all know what that means. Does your spot on the football team help you get dates?

JP: Oh, totally. Being a football player is a really big deal at school. Most of the cheerleaders are spoken for and the girls on the color guard won’t talk to me ever since I went out with the captain Kelly Flowers – which ended up being an unfortunate incident. I didn’t know I was allergic to shellfish and apparently her dad gets a car from his company. Anyway, that’s not important. But, yeah, there are a few girls in Math Club that I’m kinda debating between. It’s a heat wave. You know how it is.


BSC: In case they’re reading, is there anyone special you want to say something to?

JP: Umm…Oh, shoot, practice break… Gotta go. Need to go get Colby a cold towel and a Powerade.