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Women’s Beach Volleyball Team Set to Arrive By: BlueBell Sports Corner



After amassing a 17 – 2 state record in California, the Seal Beach Lady Strikers make a pit stop this Tuesday in BlueBell en route to Florida for the Holly Hill Beach Volleyball Championship.  Although only a two day stay, the women have a considerable amount of free time to sightsee and delight in local flavors since BlueBell lacks beaches, making practice a near impossibility.  With the Big Blue football team on a bye week and A Midsummer Night’s Dream: A Dash DeWitt Joint recently concluding its run, the team is expected to spend most of its time in the Rammer Jammer under the sterling service of Wade Kinsella.  If a nature jaunt more suits the Lady Strikers, they’d be wise to join George Tucker who lately upped his status from occasional fisherman to avid angler.  Whichever they choose (and if they need advice they can ask Zoe Hart), Mayor Lavon Hayes and all of BlueBell will surely roll out the red carpet, pour a sweet tea, and show these volleyball players our hospitable charms.

BlueBell Sports Corner

Interview with Dan “Thunder Dan” Groom By: BlueBell Sports Corner


Dan Groom, aka “Thunder Dan,” has been named team captain of CLJJ High School as Big Blue commences two-a-day practices.  For his senior year, Thunder Dan is making the switch from Defensive End to Outside Linebacker under the tutelage of Mayor Lavon Hayes.  Thunder Dan sits down with us after a grueling practice in sweltering, southern summer heat.

 Is it safe to practice in these record temperatures?

We are taking precautions, for sure.  We start practice at 6am and then come back at 5p for the afternoon practice, and miss most of the heat that way.  Coach Scott works us hard, but he makes sure we’re hydrated.  He’s a big believer in pre-hydration, because once you’re thirsty you’re already dehydrated.

 What’s it like to have a former NFL star as a mentor?

Lavon Hayes has had a tremendous impact on Thunder Dan. Thunder Dan would not be sitting here with you right now as team captain if it weren’t for Lavon Hayes.

 How has Lavon Hayes helped with your transition to a new position?

In all aspects, really, especially my pass rush.  He even showed Thunder Dan how to make a bomb egg-white omelet packed with protein that gives me the gas to get through these practices.

 I’ve heard rumors that you took ballet from Dash Dewitt this summer… is it true?

Yeah, Dash is my ballet guru.  Thunder Dan got razzed by the guys pretty good in the locker room, but after a few big hits due to my improved and nimble footwork from ballet, it shut the guys up pretty quickly.  Dash is chill.

 Any predictions for the season?

Well as Coach Scott always tells us, anything short of a state championship will be considered a disappointment.


BlueBell Sports Corner

Nothing to Cheer About By: Abigail Christensen, Varsity Cheerleader, Debutante, and Bruised-Spirited Blogger

Not to brag or anything, but CLJ Jones high has one of the best varsity cheerleading squads in the state. And while it’s true that BlueBell, like any Southern town, loves its football, they also love their cheerleaders! At every game, the crowd makes sure to get their food and whatnot while the marching band performs (sorry, band geeks, but playing Lil’ Wayne isn’t going to change the natural social order) so they won’t miss our halftime numbers.

Because seriously, we are known for putting on a killer show! Cheerleading is a majorly grueling sport. You need strength, flexibility, athleticism, dance skills, and teamwork. (Not to mention it helps a lot if you’re pretty. And cheerful.) There are tons of places where things can go wrong, especially in advanced routines like ours. I mean, it’s a miracle more cheerleaders aren’t breaking bones like every day. So last night, after the awesome dance portion of our set – to this rad mashup of Rihanna and Miranda Lambert – we transitioned into our jump sequence. We worked so hard at cheer camp to get our front hurdler-pike-side hurdlers perfectly in sync, and Kelsey Van Horn’s legs were finally as high as the rest of the squad’s. Everyone was super into it. Obvs! Then we went into our signature move – pendulums into twisting arabesques into an Alabama Slammer Handstand Split-and-Spin pyramid with toe-touch cradle dismounts – which had the crowd going wild.

After that, we were in the home stretch. Ashley Percy and Harper Shamblin did their double back handsprings, which led into our roll off extensions. Natasha Coleman and I threw Becky Perry into a simple basket toss, and… I don’t know what went wrong… But when Becky dropped into our arms and we popped her out onto her feet, we musta tossed her a little too hard or something, and gravity like slammed our heads together – hard.  Natasha’s a mouth-breather (it’s allergy season and she’s got a deviated septum and her mom won’t let her get a nose job ‘til she’s 18), which is only important because when her face collided with mine she accidentally bit my cheek! I was stunned. And not just ‘cause we gave each other mild concussions. But on the bright side, Becky landed on her feet, and all three of us finished the routine… In unison with the rest of our squad.

The clip’s already on YouTube (don’t even think I’m telling ya’ll what keywords to enter to find it). But that’s not even the worst part! I have this horrible bite-shaped bruise under my left eye – like Edward Cullen went all “Twilight” on my face (I wish that was the case!) – and there’s no way I can show my hideous face at the party some of the football players are throwing at the lake this weekend. And Colby Slaughter and I were going to take our not-quite relationship to the next level (making out in Cole Maliska’s abandoned shrimp boat, which is only like three steps away from Facebook Official).

BlueBell Sports Corner

Interview with Alex “Juicebox” Hernandez, Pee Wee Football Player By: BlueBell Sports Corner





Name:  Alex “Juicebox” Hernandez

Sport:  Pop Warner Football, Pee Wee Division

Position:  RB/LB

Age:  11

Height:  4’11”

Weight:  106 lbs

The legends of BlueBell football weren’t born legends. Before guys like Decker Johns and Richard “Bam Bam” Manningham rewrote the record books and entrenched themselves in CLJ Jones High lore, they had to learn the ropes in Pop Warner football. At this very moment, in parks and fields all over the county, kids are stumbling around in oversized pads and helmets, each jockeying to be the next “I Saw Him When.”

One such player is Alex Hernandez, a little stick of dynamite in cleats currently tearing up the Pee Wee division. Though his nickname comes from his lunch drink preference, it might as well be for his sweet fluidity on the field, both as a running back and linebacker. With permission from his parents, the BSC caught up with this possible legend in making to ask him a few questions during recess.


BSC:  How does it feel to be one of the best players in Pee Wee football?

AH:  Mama says I shouldn’t be boastful, especially when there are bigger kids who can beat me up for saying I’m better, so I don’t really think about those things, but I think it’s cool.

BSC:  Do you like playing offense or defense more?

AH:  I don’t know, I think I like both because when I’m a running back, I can make people miss like Trent Richardson, but when I’m a linebacker, I get to be like Mayor Hayes and tackle people which is pretty fun, so yeah, I guess both.

BSC:  Is football your favorite sport?

AH:  Oh yeah, I really like it. I like baseball too, but sometimes it’s kinda boring to just stand out there and sometimes I forget to pay attention, but you can’t do that in football or you’ll ‘spit your grits’ like coach says.  I don’t know what that means, but I don’t want it to happen.

BSC:  What’s the best piece of advice you’ve received?

AH:  My Uncle Al told me that if I’m about to get to tackled I should run faster and so far that’s worked, so that’s probably good advice.

BlueBell Sports Corner

Interview with Joey Potts, CLJ Jones High QB 2 By: BlueBell Sports Corner





Name: Joey Potts

Sport: Football / 2nd String QB behind Colby Slaughter

Grade: Junior

Height: 6’0

Weight: 185 lbs

Most of you already know star quarterback Colby Slaughter, the young man whose rocket arm has the Big Blue football team in contention this year. But you might not know that he has a backup with an equally important job. Joey Potts balances out his talent on the field with an equal interest in academic extracurriculars: he’s treasurer of the Math Club and an alternate on the Debate Team. We caught up with Joey at the water fountain in the middle of BlueBell’s recent heat wave.


BlueBell Sports Corner: The football season is in full swing, tell us about the life of a number two QB.

Joey Potts: The number two QB usually runs the upcoming opponent’s offense all week against the number one defense, so they can get some good pre-game looks. Personally, I don’t do that, because Colby likes to run both number one QB and number two QB to get some more reps in, but I’m always there with critical feedback if they need it. I mean, Colby doesn’t really like criticism, but I always have a lot of thoughts ready in case he asks.


BSC: We see you holding a clipboard during the games. What is that and what are your in-game responsibilities?

JP: Being in charge of the clipboard is one of my most important responsibilities. I take notes on it throughout the game. Sometimes during timeouts Colby will be like “Hey, wouldn’t it be great if the locker room had a pinball machine” or “How many stars are in the Big Dipper?” Keeping the clipboard handy gives me a place to write all that stuff down.


BSC: How is your relationship with the number one QB?

JP: We’re pretty close. I mean, not close, close. But, you know, we talk a lot. Not like super a lot, but you know…his locker is near mine in the locker room, so we kinda brush by each other a lot. Which is cool.


BSC: It’s a heat wave in BlueBell, and we all know what that means. Does your spot on the football team help you get dates?

JP: Oh, totally. Being a football player is a really big deal at school. Most of the cheerleaders are spoken for and the girls on the color guard won’t talk to me ever since I went out with the captain Kelly Flowers – which ended up being an unfortunate incident. I didn’t know I was allergic to shellfish and apparently her dad gets a car from his company. Anyway, that’s not important. But, yeah, there are a few girls in Math Club that I’m kinda debating between. It’s a heat wave. You know how it is.


BSC: In case they’re reading, is there anyone special you want to say something to?

JP: Umm…Oh, shoot, practice break… Gotta go. Need to go get Colby a cold towel and a Powerade.