The Tom Long and Short of It

Mayor’s Lament By: Tom Long




Lavon, Lavon – he’s been treating us well

Ya’ll seem to be happy, that’s easy to tell

But now a new face has come to stir the pot

Easy on the eyes, too. Let’s give her a shot.

But what will this new competition do to our town?

It sure is enough to bring the community down.


Personally, I think the big question is clear,

Why didn’t I know we could run against Lavon this year?

I’d be a swell Mayor – I’d change all the rules

For those hot summer days, I’d put in some pools

And Zoe, impressed, would say, “I’ve always loved you.”

And I’d say “Sorry, Doc, more important things to do.”


No point in dreaming – I guess it’s too late

Apparently Ruby’s the new candidate

I don’t need to be Mayor – this gaffe was heaven sent

Because now I have time to run for President.