Rose's BlueBell Beat

Rose’s Choice By: Rose Hattenbarger



Hey there, BlueBellians. Election season is upon us, my favorite time of the year after Earth Day and the Golden Globes! Though I am still tragically three years shy of the legal voting age, I always look forward to going into the booth with my mom, talking her into voting for the best candidate, and pulling the levers for her. And this year actually poses a challenge – Mayor Hayes is running opposed!

I know what you’re thinking and yes, Lavon is my friend, and yes, he let me wear the Yellow Hammer costume to impress Frederick Dean (who is so 2011), and he’s let me have many pieces of cake in his kitchen while visiting Zoe and they’re always delicious. But as a feminist, I have to give a lot of props and consideration to Ruby Jeffries, a woman, a captain of industry, an all around role model.  Would it be un-feminist of me not to vote for Ruby Jeffries?

But on the other hand, doesn’t she seem kind of vaguely evil? And also, last time she lived in BlueBell, reality TV wasn’t even a thing yet.  Lavon has been active in the BlueBell community for as long as I can remember – even when he was off in the NFL, he was always visiting and sending cool paraphernalia, he didn’t just peace out like Ruby did. He’s always there for Zoe when she’s in a fix, which is often, and has always just been a good guy and a good mayor.

So honestly, Readers, I’m kind of on the fence as to who to tell my mom to vote for. I guess I could let her decide for herself? But why risk it? I will have to wait and see how the campaign shakes out.