Rose's BlueBell Beat

Couple Canoodling Alert! By: Rose Hattenbarger




The Charity Picnic Auction came and went but don’t fret! I am here to tell you which couples are in it for the long haul.

First up, Lemon and Lavon Hayes. I don’t think the town of BlueBell has ever seen a stranger combination. In fact, L&L might just be the strangest couple in the whole world. Lemon hates sports. And Lavon hates uppity-ness. Sorry folks, this relationship is going nowhere. Dead in the water. Over before it even began. They have no chemistry. Trust me, I know these things.

Brick and Shelby.  Oooh, a little May-December romance. Hmmmm, sounds interesting. While Brick can be serious and straight-forward, Shelby’s charms could sweep Brick off his feet. If he’s into 24-hour, non-stop Internet shopping. Not. Sorry, this couple is never gonna happen.

George and Tansy. George has been trying to sow his wild oats for the last few months. But I think he’s ready for something real and I can see this going somewhere. George needs to loosen up and Tansy is the girl for the job. I give this relationship two thumbs up.

Wade and Zoe. (In lieu of Magnolia.) No one loves Star Crossed Lovers more than me. Wade runs a bar. Zoe saves lives. Wade likes trucks and beer. Zoe loves her Louboutins and pinot noir. Hmmm, maybe these two are the world’s strangest couple? But unlike L&L, these two have a spark between them. That certain something Taylor Swift is always singing about. Of course, Taylor’s never been in a relationship longer than an episode of New Girl. So this is anyone’s call, folks. What do you think?

Tom Long and Wanda. Is there a sweeter couple in the world? These two make me sing gushy love songs in my head. Sing it, Taylor.