Rose's BlueBell Beat

BlueBellapalooza… The Morning After By: Rose Hattenbarger




It is the morning after BlueBellapalooza and I am putting the beat in BlueBell Beat. Man, what a day. And despite the success of the event and the consistent ping of Facebook friend requests I’ve been hearing since I woke up, I can’t help but feel somewhat adrift.

All I wanted was to earn some indie cred, but does my indie event being such a mainstream success make me a sellout? And are my new friends really my new friends, or do they only like me for my vicinity to celebrity?

Plus, now the pressure is totally on. Do I have to do a BlueBellapalooza every year? It was a lot of work. And I can’t assume that the crowd will be satisfied watching George Tucker rock out every year. This year was a fluke! I mean, the man can sing but he’s still George Tucker the lawyer. He’s no Bon Iver. He’s more like a beloved Harry Connick, Jr type, which is great, but doesn’t open any rock festivals.

So I’m thinking what I should do is just find a new niche. I guess I could put on a musical, but Dash kind of has that covered already. So maybe my thing will be interpretive art. Like I can put on an avant garde art show, and no one would get it and then the stakes would be much, much lower in the future.

But in the meantime, my phone has been ringing off the hook… so I guess I should ride the indie rock girl wave for at least a few more days.