Dash DeWitt

Dash DeWitt Supports Lavon Hayes By: Dash DeWitt




Voters may be waiting for the debate, but The Blawer is already convinced: we fully endorse another term for Mayor Lavon Hayes.

Despite Mayor Hayes rebuffing me as campaign manager and going with a greenhorn, Lemon Breeland is running a clean campaign—kudos to her.  Meanwhile, Ruby Jeffries debases the political conversation by resorting to mudslinging.  The facts were still coming in when Ms. Jeffries alerted The BlueBell Gazette about a potential Hayes scandal that turned out to be false.  This is not an attempt to disqualify Ruby Jeffries; this is about supporting a man with a sterling record.


The facts:

Our economy is thriving.  Business is booming at the Rammer Jammer, Butterstick Bakery, and Pageturners.

He’s been tough on crime, even though we don’t have much in the terms of crime.

The streets are spotless.  Think back, do you recall any litter during his tenure?

There’s almost always sunshine.  You would be surprised what an enterprising mayor is capable of.

This is why The Blawker wants more of the same… the same ole success.