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The Belles’ Official Statement By: Crickett




Hi there. Crickett checking back in for the Belles. I know it’s been some time, but this week has been a rough patch for all of us as we cope with the cancellation of the Breeland/Tucker wedding. As I’m sure you all know by now, it’s true that the storm that passed through BlueBell wreaked havoc on their relationship as well as the wedding. I’m here to confirm that the wedding is off and has no plans to be rescheduled. Such a tragedy.  So much wasted planning! Not that that’s what’s important here. No, not at all. Oh dear, I do tend to ramble a bit.

Anyway, we (the Belles) hope that you all can respect Lemon and give her some space during this difficult time. Although I, for one, have never been dumped before, it has been devastating to watch such a good friend go through it. And Lemon is one of the strongest women I know!  Thankfully, all wounds heal with time (well, that’s what AnnaBeth has told me, and she has some firsthand experience, having been left by her husband, too), and I’m sure us Belles will be able to help Lemon get back on her feet in no time.

After all, we are an incredibly supportive bunch. We appreciate everyone’s well wishes, but please don’t send casseroles. No one has died (although it might feel like it!), and with Lemon being single and all again, she definitely doesn’t need a ton of extra food hanging around the house. Also, we’ve had so many calls, we’ve had to disconnect the phones temporarily. Goodness, people. The lady in mourning needs her beauty sleep (not that Lemon isn’t naturally gorgeous because lord knows she is!). It’s just been a dark time at the Breelands, and there’s only so much us Belles and Dr. Breeland can do to help Lemon while she’s in such a fragile state.

And if y’all could spread the word to the neighboring communities, I’d be much obliged.

Until next time!