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AnnaBeth’s Tips for a Stress-Free Week By: AnnaBeth




AnnaBeth here! And let me just say that I need to do some complaining. I am just annoyed as heck with some things that have been going on in my life, and I have just been about to explode, but, as any good Belle knows, that’s not entirely acceptable. Still, with my divorce papers being finalized and trying to help Lemon sort through her break up, I’ve had a lot on my plate. Crickett posted her stress-busters a while back, so here are my tools for having a stress-free week!

1.     Buy a new outfit. There’s nothing quite like a new dress or a new look to make you feel like a new person. Make shopping part of the fun, too, and try on something exciting or a little daring. If you’re going to go for it, go big and get something out of the ordinary!

2.    Go out with the girls. Now that you have a splashy new outfit, what better plan than to show it off with your best Belles? I suggest going somewhere out of town, so you can feel free to go crazy (and maybe even order a second glass of wine, woo!)

3.    Flirt. Find the cutest boy at the bar and make conversation. If he’s a dud, move on. No pressure! But hopefully, he’ll end up being a welcome distraction and maybe you’ll even get a good night kiss out of it.

4.    Find a hobby. Maybe you’ve always wanted to take cooking classes or learn how to sew a quilt. Now is the perfect time to do that. Channel your frustration into something productive and feel that tension disappear.

5.    Dessert Pastries. When all else fails, baked goods are my best friend. Don’t feel bad to splurge once in a while!

I’ll be honest, I’ve been through the list about three times, and I usually just skip to number five – Agnes has a cream puff for me on standby.  But I hope you are able to use all five steps to have a stress-free week!