Ask Susie

Ask Susie By: Susie

Q: Dear Susie,

My husband and I have been happily married for almost 10 years. I’m generally not a suspicious woman, but my Kevin seems different lately. He’s usually as punctual as the BlueBell bus; however, lately he’s been coming home from work later and later, always telling me he stopped for a drink at the Rammer Jammer. And this is from a guy who’s never been much of a drinker! I saw him chatting with Bethany Tattersall at the Pancake Breakfast the other day, and my jealousy got the better of me. Kevin and I have six kids together and I’ll be the first to admit that I don’t take care of my looks the way I used to. What can I do to make sure his eyes stay on me and only me?


Nervous Nellie


A: Dear Nervous Nellie,

I have a lot of tips if you’re looking to spice up your look. A new hairstyle is always a great way to change things up. Perhaps add some layers or experiment with highlights? As for your clothes, maybe introduce some new colors to your wardrobe. Black is making a bit of a comeback in town due to our New York influence. Plus, it’s very slimming!

But if you do choose to change your look, Nellie, make sure you’re doing it for YOU, and not Kevin. Nothing is less flattering than desperation, and changing yourself to please your man is only a temporary fix anyway. But if you spice up your look in ways that makes YOU happy, then your new confidence will shine through and your husband will find you irresistible! I promise you.

And if that doesn’t work, then I say give him a piece of your mind and tell him you’ll slap him silly if he ever looks at another woman. You’ve had six kids, I think you’re long past subtlety.

Yours truly,