Ask Susie

Ask Susie By: Susie

Q: Dear Susie,

Since I have three older brothers, I spent most of my childhood tagging along with them while they hunted, fished, and played football. These activities might be unusual for most girls but I loved it! However, now that I’m a freshman in high school I’m starting to see things differently. For example, I have a crush on a boy in my Algebra class, and he only looks at me like I’m his buddy. I’m pretty sure it has to do with the hand me down baggy jeans and oversized flannel shirts that I wear because I see him making googly eyes at Sara Lynn, the girliest girl I know. She actually wears lipstick to class! How do I get his attention and wear more feminine clothes without completely losing my tomboy identity? Help me, Susie!


Troubled Tomboy


A: Dear Troubled Tomboy,

I think it’s great you want to hold on to your identity. Good for you! You should never change for anyone else! Though, at the same time we all go through different phases in life where we want to try different looks, which I think is just fabulous. So, to feminize your tomboy look let’s start with buying fitted jeans for girls instead of wearing those ratty boy jeans that I can only imagine are quite baggy and shapeless on a girl. You’ll be surprised at what a difference that will make. You’ll look more feminine without having to buy a skirt or a dress (which I recommend you eventually do when you’re feeling more comfortable in your new look). Also, try and experiment with brighter colors like pinks and oranges instead of the drab washed out colors of flannel. Lastly, and only if your mother allows you to, get some clear lip gloss. It will add a little sparkle to the new you without having to over feminize yourself with an actual colored lipstick. Soon your crush won’t be able to focus on algebra with his eyes locked on you!

Yours Truly,